Jaw Pain Left Side

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Jaw pain can have a variety of causes some of them very benign but painful while others may be painful but deadly.

If you have not had any problems with your face or jaw and then you suddenly begin to have jaw pain left side should you be very worried? The answer to that question would be “maybe”.

The location of this pain is important in several ways. The first thing you would want to rule out, especially if you are a woman, is a heart attack. This type of pain is very frequently a symptom of heart attacks in women.

For men the more classic symptom is the left arm pain and indigestion. Women do not necessarily have this kind of pain. Women most commonly have jaw pain, shoulder and back pain. So the first thing to do is rule out a heart problem.

Once you have ruled out a heart problem as the cause of your jaw pain left side you can move on to several other causes such as TMJ(TMD,TMJD), arthritis, cancer, tooth infection spread to the jaw, dislocation of the jaw, sinusitis, tetanus, dry socket, or a serious headache.

Many of these conditions are not life threatening but a few of them could be. Those that could be include cancer of course, tetanus and if left untreated a serious tooth or jaw infection can spread to the blood and be fatal. For the most part though these conditions are very painful without being life threatening.

So in looking at the other causes of jaw pain one side, TMJ(TMJD/TMD)is one of the most common and painful. This is a condition caused by grinding teeth and stress. It can be treated with exercises, medications and a teeth night guard designed to be inserted into the patients’ mouth while sleeping.

Trauma can also be a common cause of this pain including a dislocated jaw and a broken jaw. The treatment for this is obvious but painful in itself.

Some serious dental issues can certainly cause pain in left side of jaw and these would include a tooth abscess, an infected tooth that is not abscessed, or impacted wisdom teeth.

A trip to the dentist is called for in each and any of these situations. Both the infection and the dental issue will have to be addressed in order to permanently eliminate the pain.

Tetanus can also be the cause of this kind of pain and it can be very scary. If you suspect that there is a reason for you to have tetanus see your doctor immediately.

Most of us do not think of arthritis as being a cause of any kind of jaw pain but it certainly can be. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Osteoarthritis can all cause an inflammation in the soft tissues and the joint of the jaw. See a rheumatologist to treat this.

So you can see there are many different causes for jaw pain left side. Don’t fool around with it. Have a physician check it out.

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