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What are the possible causes of this infection and preventive steps to consider? Is there a way to relieve any pain that is occurring?

Diverticulitis is a common infection or inflammation that can be found in the large intestine, particularly the colon region of your intestinal tract.

The infection or inflammation is made up of small fluid filled sacs (diverticula), also referred to as pouches, which are in the inner lining of your colon giving diverticulitis the ability to begin to take formation.

There is still no positive confirmation on why these pouches form in your colon, but one conclusion based on medical research shows that it could possibly occur from the way your diet is.

Pouches may first begin to form by the need of pressure being used to force your feces through your large intestine. Then this infection will form when your body performs another bowl movement, thus brushing the feces against these pouches in your colon, which then entrap the small pieces of feces into the sacs that have formed.

This infection could be very painful for you, but it is very common and most of those who have diverticulitis do not have any feelings of pain or other symptoms.

Possible Symptoms

You may not feel any symptoms, but if you do the most common would be right or left side pains caused by cramping and bloating as well, which is usually caused by gases in your stomach that cannot be released do to a poor digestive system.

Another common symptom of diverticulitis is having a hard stool (feces are harder than normal). This could then cause constant ripping of the thin lining of skin around the anus, which then could lead to findings of blood after wiping.

Rarely people have found blood due to internal bleeding, but this is still a possible symptom you may experience, which also could be followed by nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, and fever.

colon diseases: diverticulitis

Prevent Diverticulitis with a Strict Diet

As mentioned previously, a poor diet may be the cause for the formation of this infection. The reason why is because a low-fiber diet could cause possible digestive symptoms, and this type of diet could be found in most every person because they are simply not eating enough fiber rich foods, which includes oats.

Your diet could be the solution for the prevention and relief of diverticulitis. That means you need to drastically lower the amount of processed foods that you eat such as white rice and white bread. These products have been stripped of almost all nutrients including fiber, which then only leaves sugar behind to also cause obesity.

Instead, eat brown rice and whole wheat bread to help give your body the fiber it needs to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Pain Relief for Diverticulitis

Abdominal pain caused by cramps and inflammation may occur, and maintaining a proper fiber rich diet that you have set forth before is one way to relieve pain. However, this may take some time for your body to begin to become stable again. So instead you can try diverticulitis pain relief techniques such as a short fluid diet.

The reason for this is because it helps prevent any hard feces from forming, which then keeps anything else from passing through and touching the pouches. A possible technique to try would be drinking nothing but light fluids for an entire day. That means no food at all for that day, and then work in thicker fluids on the second or third day followed by a slow progression of solid food being consumed.

Rest is very much needed for most any conditions that occur in your body. Keeping yourself away from physical stress could possibly relieve the pain that is being felt, and you could also add in a heat pad to the outer area that hurts because heat relaxes the body’s muscles.

Pain medications such as Tylenol (contains acetaminophen, which is a pain reliever) can possibly be taken for this infection, but the best thing to do is contact your medical physician if the pain begins to become too severe. They may have to place you on antibiotics that enter your bloodstream and attack the infected area.

Coping with this Infection

The pouches that have formed are said to be permanent, but that does not mean that the infection will occur.

You can easily cope with diverticulitis by adding in more water and exercise into your change of lifestyle. These two things keep your body healthy and functioning properly.

The infection can actually worsen over time, and that is why it is a good idea to get blood tests done if you feel like this infection applies to you and the symptoms that you have felt. You may not actually obtain diverticulitis again after the proper changes in your lifestyle, and it is better to prevent something from happening before it has ever occurred in the first place.

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