Are there Diseases Derived from Sharp Pain in the Left Side?

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What are the possible causes of this type of pain? Are there any methods to treat and prevent this medical issue?

Sharp pain could possibly be an indicator, or symptom, that you should keep an eye out for.

Most of the time you do not need to worry about it too much, but if other symptoms begin to follow as well then you might need to consult a physician for further consultation.

Some possible diseases and infections you may possibly suffer from are kidney stones and diverticulitis. Both of these medical conditions are commonly found throughout populations, and are usually not life-threatening, especially if treated properly.

Kidney Stones May Cause Left Side Pain

If you happen to have kidney stones, you may be experiencing sharp pain in the left side of your body, primarily your lower back. The reason why is because your kidneys are located towards the posterior portion of your body, and also because muscle pain in specific areas derive from an internal issue.

Kidney stones are hard formations of mineral deposits that can cause serious health issues including blockage of your urinary tract. Besides feeling a sharp pain in your left side, you may also have difficulties urinating, and will possibly feel a burning sensation.

If the stones are not too large you may possibly be able to flush them out by increasing your water intake to increase your urination patterns. The causes of this disease is usually due to lack of water being drank a day, or a high level of calcium being consumed with other phosphates.

Diverticulitis Holds Possible Symptoms

Diverticulitis is an infection or inflammation that takes place as small sacs that line your rectum. These sacs could cause tears along your intestinal lining, which cause an infection to occur once your feces pass over the open wounds. Your body will respond to this activity taking place in different warning signs and symptoms, and one of them is left side pain in your abdominal region.

Usually when it comes to having the symptom of left side pain, it is usually something to do with your digestive and urinary systems. Other symptoms that may follow this pain are bloating, hard stool products (feces), which are also triggers of abdominal pain. The reason why you receive this pain is because your nervous system is sending you a distress signal, and sometimes that may call for action on your part to get an examination.

sharp pain in the left side

How to Prevent Sharp Pain in the Left Side?

This pain may actually be prevented from occurring by helping your body function properly through a well kept diet. As mentioned, problems in your urinary and digestive systems usually are the reason to cause pain in your left side, but it is not only your lower back or abdominal region. You may also feel pain in your shoulder area and chest as well. The best method you can do to prevent any of the discussed symptoms from happening is simply increase the amount of water you drink daily.

Most people are already dehydrated, and when your body gets dehydrate it cannot function properly. You can also help your digestive and urinary systems by having a higher fiber intake placed into a healthier diet, which means try to take out or cut back on snacks, greasy foods, and soda.

Possible Pain Relieving Methods

If you are experiencing sharp left pain in the left side of your body, then you can usually relieve it by taking a pain reliever that contains acetaminophen such as Tylenol. However, if you are experiencing internal bleeding seek medical attention immediately and do not take any pain relieving medications.

Another simple method for muscle pains is heat therapy. You can use a warm towel or purchase a heat therapy pain reliever from most drug stores.

Once symptoms get worst and food becomes difficult to digest, then you need to switch to a light liquid diet for a day, which will be drinking only water and light juices and soups.

Physicians may need to prescribe you antibiotics to help treat any diseases or infections that may cause the pain you are experiencing in the left side of your body region. Always seek medical consultation if you have any issues or concerns about what is possibly taking place in your body.

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  1. Great advise and a help to me!My problem maybe is my digestive system i will start drinking more water. Thank you so much Doc!
    Praying for you!

    Pastor Gil Laurena – Philippines

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