Colon Pain Left Side

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There are many causes for colon pain some of which could be very serious while others are minor. Distinguishing between the two is very important.

If you have colon pain left side it is something you should take very seriously. There are many causes for this type of pain ranging from the most serious being colon cancer to the most benign being just gas. However it is often impossible to know what is causing this so you need to check it out.

The first thing to do is to try to describe the kind of pain you are having. Is it a sharp, stabbing pain that knocks you over? Is it a dull throbbing pain? Is it a cramping type of pain and how long does it last? Finally are there other symptoms such as diarrhea or nausea accompanying this pain?

The answers to these questions are critical in diagnosing this colon pain left side. Your doctor will need to know the answers to these questions so you need to be able to articulate them. Some of the possible causes of this pain are of course colon cancer but also it could be caused by hepatitis, inflammation or gallstones.

Other reasons for this type of pain could be kidney stones, diverticulitis or just constipation. The important thing is if it last for more than an hour or so you need to call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Colon cancer is a very serious concern that can be manifested through left side colon pain. It is often accompanied by other symptoms as well such as fatigue without reason, weight loss without reason, stomach cramps as well as the colon pain, blood in your stool and a loss of appetite along with either persistent diarrhea or constipation. Even though colon cancer can be treated successfully if caught early, too often we ignore these symptoms because they seem so common place.

Weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue we often chalk up to stress. The pain we often attribute to indigestion or gas, the same with stomach cramps. The only symptom that might scare us in and of itself would be blood in the stool. However if you have any of these symptoms in combination with the pain you should see a doctor immediately.

Some of the other causes of colon pain left side can be serious as well as in the case of kidney stones or diverticulitis. Any illness causing this kind of pain should be taken serious. Kidney stones can be terribly painful and diverticulitis can cause bleeding and can lead to colon cancer if left untreated. Although not as common you should also be aware that pancreatic cancer can also manifest in this type of pain as can inflammatory bowel syndrome and Chron’s Disease. Some of these conditions will require surgery to cure or treat effectively.

So you can see that although there are many causes of colon pain left side, most of them are not to be fooled around with but should be responded to as soon as possible. It may only be a cramp or indigestion, but it could be something much more serious.

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