Chest Pain Left Side

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There are several possible reasons for chest pain. We usually think heart attack first and that might be but there could be another cause.

Anyone who has chest pain left side usually thinks heart attack first and that is not a bad thing.

A heart attack can certainly cause that kind of pain. If you have that kind of pain you should certainly check this out right away with medical professionals.

There are some other questions you might ask yourself to help discern if your heart might be involved. Is the pain under your rib? Do you have shortness of breath? Are you hot or nauseous?

The answers to those questions will help to discern the cause of this chest pain left side but it will not tell you definitively what is going on. There are medical reasons to explore other than a heart attack or myocardial infarction. When we know though that heart attack kills more people in the United States every year than any other disease, it is not worth fooling around with. Check it out.

Some additional symptoms of a heart attack are a squeezing, tightening or heaviness in the chest in addition to the pain. Get to an emergency room right away if you also have pain in the left arm or jaw.

So if it is not a heart attack what else might be causing this sharp chest pain left side? One thing to consider is a condition called Angina. Angina is not heart disease and it is serious but it is not a heart attack. Angina is considered a warning sign for a heart attack but it is in and of itself a symptom of a serious disease namely coronary artery disease. See a cardiologist if you have this kind of pain on a persistent basis. It could save your life.

What else might cause your pain in left side of chest? Well if the pain is in the area under your rib and if it feels like there is a bubble in your chest that might burst, then you might have a condition called Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS). PCS is the leading cause of chest pain. Though this can be a frightening situation it is not a life threatening disease.

One way to know the difference between a heart attack and a PCS attack is that unlike a heart attack the pain does not radiate anywhere else but is only in the chest area under the ribs. This pain makes breathing difficult and can also cause a person to be unable to move for a few moments. Then it will go away. Its cause is unknown but it is considered to be like a muscle spasm or cramp. Doctors are however completely sure that this is not a dangerous condition. It is scary at worst.

So you can see that there can be several different causes of chest pain left side. It is not automatically a sign of a heart attack. However it could be a sign of heart disease and no matter what it should be check out by a medical professional.

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