Colon Pain Left Side

3.79/5 (24) There are many causes for colon pain some of which could be very serious while others are minor. Distinguishing between the two is very important. Sample rating item

Shoulder Blade Pain Left Side

4.25/5 (12) You really need to take this type of pain seriously as there are some potentially fatal conditions that have this symptom. Sample rating item

Sharp Chest Pain Left Side

4.3/5 (27) So many people think the worst when they experience sharp pain in the left side of their body. Don’t panic however, as this can be caused by a variety of things. Sample rating item

What Causes Stomach Pain after Eating?

4.75/5 (4) Some people may experience pain in their stomach after consuming food, but is there a reason for this? Is this process natural for everyone? Sample rating item

Ectopic Pregnancy

4.5/5 (6) What is the threat caused by this type of abnormal pregnancy? What types of pain and body changes should a mother watch out for? Sample rating item

Kidney Stones

4.77/5 (13) What may cause this disease to occur? Is there a way to relieve any uncomfortable pain being felt by the disease, and is medical attention going to be required? Sample rating item

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

4.38/5 (8) Why would this disorder begin to appear? Are there any proven methods to relieve any pain that is occurring from the disorder? Sample rating item

Ulcerative Colitis

4.5/5 (8) Are there any actual causes for this inflammatory disease? Would a prevention plan be effective in stopping it from occurring? Sample rating item